Inner City Youth / Veterans Cafe Vehicle Donation Intake Form

 Donate your a car, truck, bus motorcycle, airplane on-line.

If you donate your vehicle to the Inner City Youth / Veterans Cafe, we will tow it free and it will be doubly rewarding for you.

What types of vehicle donation will you accept? Car, Truck, Boat, and RV donations.
A car donation is very important to charities. The gift of a car donation can help the charity raise revenue. We help you donate cars. Do your part to donate cars unwanted or unused by yourself for others' assistance and we bet you will feel good about yourself, too. Besides an auto donation, we also accept:

Truck Donation
Van Donation
Airplane Donation
Motorcycle Donation
RV Donation
Boat Donation
Trailer Donation
Real Estate
What Happens When I Donate a Vehicle?
In all cases, a charity car donation is sold to the highest bidder by a well-established charity vehicle auction. That way delay is minimized and the chance of fraud is eliminated. Doesn't donating a car sound simple? Donate a vehicle now to save yourself the hassle of selling the car and to give your designated charity the money they need. Donate a car to charity now.

Donating a Car is Easy.
To donate a car to charity, first choose a non-profit from our List of Charities to whom you may donate a vehicle.

Fill out a Charity Car Donation Pick Up Form or call us at 773-715-4280. Generally, you will be able to speak to a live donor representative, seven days a week (Central Standard Time: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am to 4:30pm). You can call anytime, 24/7, regarding vehicle donations and their information, and we will call you back at the time you specify.

Your information is entered into our computer system right away and forwarded to a local towing company.

The towing company will contact you within 24 business hours to make arrangements to pickup your donation. Please have the Title with the vehicle at the time it is picked up.

Our computer system will call you with an automated message providing you with the direct phone number to the towing company. If you have any questions about the pickup arrangements for your vehicle please contact the towing company directly.

If you provide us with an email address we will send you a temporary receipt via email along with the direct phone number to the towing company. If you have any questions or require additional assistance you can reach us at

The tow driver will deliver your tax receipt at the time the vehicle is picked up.

Per current IRS guidelines, if your donated vehicle/vessel sells for under $500 the receipt you receive at the time the vehicle is picked up is all you need for filing your taxes. If your donation sells for over $500 you will be provided with a supplemental receipt showing the sale price and may write off as a deduction an amount up to the sale price.